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    In 1987, Ferrato rode along with the Minneapolis police as they responded to 911 calls. A boy named Diamond made a call saying that his father was physically attacking his mother. He was the first child Ferrato had seen stand up for his mother at a moment when most children would be afraid. The image of his bravery not only left an impression on Ferrato and the police, but was hailed as one of the most influential photographs in the world by Life Magazine. Twenty years later, Ferrato searched for and found Diamond. His parents are still together and maintain a healthy relationship with their son.

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    Had no idea this was how whales slept


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    *is a wreck*

    *gives ppl lifestyle advice*

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  7. 30th August 2002

    Tonight was the night. Deep grey sky overhead. My insides were rumbling. It had been precisely twenty-one days since my last kill. My taste buds longed, yearned for the nectar of my next victim’s skin. I carefully slipped into my costume. The metaphorical kind of costume. Walked about the streets taking short stridesspontaneously nit-picking frail looks. Weak faces. Insecure expressions.

    I caught a slight glimpse of what would be my dinner that night. Early twenties I reckoned. Her skin appeared ripe and succulent. Dark curls that flowed in waves to adorn her glowing hair. The skin on her arms was a glossy chestnut.

    "It’s a perfect moment" I thought to myself. Soft light, a scent in the air, and the quiet murmur of the city. Overwhelmed by a moment of madness, I went for it. The pads on my black boots allowing me to forcefully run so noiselessly. She backed further into the corner, attempting to create distance between herself and her would-be killer. I could almost feel her cold breath as she stepped farther away—for these would be her last moments.

    I was built like a Rottweiler. Once I’d sunk my teeth into you, there was no letting go until I was satisfied you’d served your purpose. I took a monstrous lunge onto her neck tearing the tissue inside, her bone snapping with a sound like twigs breaking underfoot. I gave a sinister sneer, my parched, shrivelled lips ripping apart as I grinned, knowing that there was nothing she could do to change what just happened.

    There I stood, capering over her dead body as I took off my bowler hat and pressed it to my chest poignantly in the demise of this young woman. I took a deep breath and took a walk to the police station, the fun was long over. The monster inside raged and pleaded with me, begged me, swore that I shouldn’t do it. I took the longest walk to the office door, my face felt frail and pale. I turned the door knob as it creaked from not being opened in so long.

    “Welcome back, Constable Charles. You had a good break?”

    “Of course, Officer Jones. It’s good to be back.”

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    A Man’s True Meaning Of Pain

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